Bottled Wasps

Award winning theatre production company Organised Chaos Productions presents Bottled Wasps at Joshua Brooks.

By Matthew Tyas | 10 April 2012

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Award winning theatre production company Organised Chaos Productions bring their latest collaboration of the North West’s finest new and emerging talent with the first script from their script call last year. Bottled Wasps is a new piece of writing from the award winning Paul Buie.

Bottled Wasps

Grace and Patrick have returned to the scene of their great romantic adventure, the small seaside hotel where they stayed when they left their respective partners in order to be together. During the course of an evening they realise that much has changed. Walter, mine host, has his own issues: defender of his country and its traditions and what thanks do you get? With a complimentary bar and a sniper’s rifle that can take off the top of your head from half a mile away, how bad can it get?

Clutching their Studio Salford BIFTAs and fresh from garnering a string of top reviews, Organised Chaos Productions come to Joshua Brooks for the first time to debut this show.

Organised Chaos Productions are also extremely proud to announce that this production, as well as the second script from the script call, AfterWords, is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

“To be recognised by the Arts Council for our achievements in supporting some of the great new and emerging talent is great news for us. It’s fantastic that we’re able to better financially support the debut of this fantastic new play and the talent involved.” Gayle Hare, Orgnaised Chaos’ Executive Producer.

As usual Organised Chaos are seeking to nurture fresh creative talent in the northwest and provide new and emerging performers, directors, designers and writers with a platform in which they can work on a professional scale as well as offering full support in all production technicalities.

Joshua Brooks from 18th to 21st of April at 7:30pm. Tickets £5-7