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Julia Münz & Annika Unterburg present their current collaboration Seedbank For Treehouses

By Matthew Tyas | 12 August 2011

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CUBELab: Julia Münz & Annika Unterburg
1 September 2011 – 30 September 2011

Seed Lab image

Seedbank For Treehouses

This year´s CUBELab artists, Hamburg-based Julia Münz and Annika Unterburg, will present their current collaboration:

“Seedbank For Treehouses”, an architectural fantasy. Visitors can purchase a cornerstone for their personal treehouse at the show.

The image of a treehouse evokes associations of childhood, lightheartedness and freedom. It is an archetype of an improvisationally tinkered, individualistic and temporary architecture in a handyman´s garden. A treehouse is a child’s place of retreat and a nest to build secret projects.

Julia Münz and Annika Unterburg´s artistic handling of this topic doesn´t stop at the romanticizing connotation of the term. “Our installation addresses current social issues, such as sustainable homes and questions about an inter-generational contract, a subject of discussion.”

At the show the artists will present, amongst drawings and models, a specially designed Multiple: You can pick up a lucky bag containing “Indian Palace + Ulmus minor”, “Snailhouse Carpinus betulus“ or “Goethes Summerhouse + Fraxinus exelsior“. Seeded today – ready for occupancy in only 30 years.

Supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, The Ministry of Culture.