Frida Nipple with Breast Painting in Manchester

There are loads of 'Carry On' type puns I can use throughout this article but I won't. 1) because I'm mature man and 2) I don't want to make a tit out of myself.

By Ben Brown | 26 April 2018

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So, breast painting. What’s that all about? Well it’s been set up by Funzing and a lovely woman named Sarah who is an artist, dancer and ‘transformation facilitator’ (which I don’t know what it even is) who is looking to utilise art and dance as healing tools.

Breast Painting therefore is a body-positive practice, aiming to help you fall in love with your body, get creative and make some beautiful art with your body.

Using your body, the group will discover how to tune in with the old ‘chakra’, which is apparently conveniently located in the breast area. There’s no actual obligation to paint though, they want you to be as comfortable as possible and provide a safe space to explore your ‘innocent playfulness’.

Before actual breast painting, Sarah will take you on a journey of discussion, meditation and dance. For more information and to buy tickets – head here:

Breast Painting
Tuesday 8th & 28th May
£15 per person

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