The Glasshouse headlines at Manchester's biggest and most versatile arts hub

In the 100th anniversary year of the end of World War 1, Grindstone have teamed up with MAP Productions to remount Max Saunders-Singers's emotional, award winning drama, The Glasshouse for a Northern Première.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 December 2018

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The Glasshouse
Thursday 1st – Sunday 11th November

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Based on extensive research into true stories of soldiers on the front lines, this powerful work explores a rarely seen side of trench warfare. Confined in a cramped makeshift prison on the back line of the Somme, two men stand charged with cowardice and desertion.

Trapped inside the damp, cold and oppressive walls of this Glasshouse, a beautiful friendship crystallizes between them. But how long can friendship last? And how much can a man withstand before he breaks?

Following the intertwined stories of the misfits, idealists and tragic victims who pass through this hastily constructed trench prison cell, The Glasshouse is a moving, blood-pumping and powerful play.

Through these stories, it also shines a stark new light on the effects of ‘Shell Shock’ and failures in the treatments of so called ‘Cowards’ and ‘Conchies’ who were unable or refused to fight.

53Two, 8 Albion St, Park Avenue Car Park, Manchester
07432 198 724