Manchestersfinest x DressLands Tech Shift Dress

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 31 October 2015

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Manchestersfinest x DressLands Tech Shift Dress – Raw Hem/Slim Fit/Zip Back

This manchestersfinest x dress may look plain but you can easily dress it up with some wonderful jewelry. You will find that the zipper is in the back so it is possible to add whatever accessories you wan to this shift dress to stand out and create a great look. You will love the slim fit because it helps the dress fit closely to your body. This is a wonderful addition to your closet if you want something simple to wear out on a warm day. Even though it is simple you are going to see that you can add flare to it. But, it will also work well if you are planning on heading out for the evening and you want something that is nice but also comfortable.