Mcr Sound: The Massacre – Q&A Symposium

The Library Theatre held a special event to reveal more info about new production Manchester Sound: The Massacre.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 22 May 2013

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“This is Manchester we do things differently here” – Anthony H Wilson

Image by Paul Greenwood.

Image by Paul Greenwood.

The Library Theatre held a special event last week to reveal more information about its forthcoming and exciting new production Manchester Sound: The Massacre. Dubbed a ‘symposium’ (which by the way in ancient Greek was the word used for a drinking party) there was a great turn out from those fortunate to have been invited to the exclusive event and Manchester’s Finest was among them.

Chaired by former Hacienda DJ and author of Manchester, England Dave Haslam the panel comprised of the people behind Manchester Sound: The Massacre, Paul Jepson (Director), Polly Wiseman (Playright), Richard Poole and Sarah Haughey (Researchers)-all of which were ready to be questioned by the eager audience made up of musicians, historians, academics, journalists and DJs.

Polly Wiseman - Image by Paul Greenwood.

Polly Wiseman – Image by Paul Greenwood.

The play promises to be an innovative clash of two key events in the history of the city – the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, which saw the deaths of 18 protesters campaigning against poverty and for democracy, and the explosion of acid house and rave culture in 1989.

With such an emotive plot at the centre of it the main question everybody wanted to ask was, ‘would the play stay true to the two very crucial periods in Manchester’s history?’

Paul Jepson - Image by Paul Greenwood.

Paul Jepson – Image by Paul Greenwood.

Both Poole and Wiseman assured us there were quite a few similarities that linked the two events, including the strong themes of politics and freedom-they believed there was a story to be told and would be making sure it was handled sensitively.

During the 90 minute session the room was buzzing with Manchester pride and the hope that this production would fulfil the passion of Mancunians past and present. Despite the panel not giving too much away it was hard not to leave thinking that we will be witnessing something special when Manchester Sound: The Massacre opens on June 8th. This is the 3rd and final site specific production from The Library Theatre which will run at a secret city centre venue…(Do I know where it is? Well, if I do, I’m not telling!)

Manchester Sound: The Massacre
Saturday 8 June – Saturday 6 July 2013