World Premiere of Manchester Keeps on Dancing: A documentary by Javi Senz

Manchester Keeps on Dancing is a feature length film that documents - in exceptional detail - the arrival of House music into Manchester from Chicago in the 1980’s, through to the Acid House explosion of 1988 and the following 30 years of its phenomenal rise to today.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 18 October 2017

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This documentary, by Madrid filmmaker Javi Senz, goes deep and digs into archive footage that has never been seen publicly, including for the first time ever Hacienda footage filmed by Anthony Wilson himself. An excellent soundtrack and in-depth interviews help the viewer to understand how house music arrived in the city in the early 1980’s and takes them on a journey through the rich tapestry of its success and memorable stories.

The timeline begins pre-Hacienda and features contributions from each of the decades highly respected DJs, producers, promoters and social commentators including; Colin Curtis, Mike Pickering, Greg Wilson, Luke Unabomber, Carl Craig, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Heidi, Marshall Jefferson, Laurent Garnier, and many more of the scenes most prolific names. This feature-length film guides the viewer through one of the World’s greatest and enduring youth cultures of modern times.

Filmmaker Javi Senz said: “I have been a lifelong lover of House music and because I not actually from the city of Manchester itself, but I have spent many years living here and experiencing its current and musical history, I felt I could give an objective view of the story, something which I hope shines through the film and gives it a comprehensive and interesting overview.”

Matthew Krysko, DJ and film contributor said: “Manchester Keeps on Dancing has been an absolute joy to work on, and I have specifically enjoyed the way in which Javi Senz managed follow the lineage of house music in Manchester, with not just an overview, but an in-depth study detailing the scene pre-house, the conditions which allowed it to flourish and its journey to the present day. I also believe that having a film maker from Madrid make the piece of work gave it a different angle compared to other past documentaries, with a much more unbiased view.”

The world premiere of Manchester Keeps on Dancing will be screened on 4th November at 16:00 at Rio Cinema, Dalston, London. The event will feature a Q&A featuring a selection of film contributors. Tickets can be purchased from the Doc’n Roll film page –