Seven Bro7hers announce collaboration with Fanny Gogh

Iconic Mancunian artist, Sian Elizabeth aka Fanny Gogh, has teamed up with the Manchester born brewers, Seven Bro7hers, to produce their new ale; Fanny’s Passion.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 3 November 2017

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Sian has been brought into the Bro7hers brewery as their resident artist following a chance meeting on the school run with founder, Keith McAvoy.

Following this meeting, Sian has now designed the artwork for the brewery’s latest ale, a passionfruit flavoured beer based on her favourite tipple named, what else – Fanny’s Passion. Sian’s original work will be seen on the beer bottles, pumps and design work across the city.

Keith and his brothers loved the idea of having Sian on board as the brewery, and now Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse in Ancoats, grow from strength to strength. He said: “Art is very important to myself and my brothers as it sits well alongside craft brewing and we were keen to involve Sian and her Manchester roots as we move forward. We used Sian during our Crowdfunding days whilst we initiated the brewery and are pleased to have her on board with our latest projects.”

Sian’s works are featured heavily in the National Football Museum and Café Football where the Seven Bro7hers also provide their sought after ales. As well as football, beer is another ‘passion’ of Sian’s, so she was keen to collaborate with the brewing brothers.

She said: “I’m a big fan of the Seven Bro7hers and their products. They produce a fantastic range of artisan and craft beers so their products provide the ideal canvas for my artwork. I’ve spent many hours sketching in the brewery and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come with the partnership.”

Scheduled for launch on November 29th, Fanny’s Passion will be available within bars and restaurants across the city and further afield.