The Enough Project @The Lowry

The Enough Project - a double bill of new plays from Cathy Crabb and Emma Adams.

By Matthew Tyas | 2 July 2013

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“In a world battered by financial crisis and with natural resources at breaking point, what does it mean to have enough in 2013?”


This is the question that The Enough Project poses, and which the double bill of new plays from Cathy Crabb and Emma Adams asks you.

In ‘Something Right’, Crabb uses humour in a working class setting to question who’s notion of the ‘right thing to-do’ is correct, and how far we should try to influence others. Meanwhile, Adams invites the audience into her surreal and somewhat dark comedy, ‘Brimming’, to explore what we really think of as ‘enough’.

Both plays are delightfully absurd and sometimes disturbing, but with enough wit to keep the audience comfortable and laughing out loud. The quartet cast – Jo Mousely, Lauryn Redding, Russell Richardson and Terence Rae – are brilliant, believable and bring the plays (and puppet gremlins) to life wonderfully.

All in all, a great showing of new comedy that shouldn’t be missed – especially for just £12!
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Jessica Matthewman