Things To Do in Manchester this week: 30th March - 5th April 2018

So, you've got me this week while Ben Brown is living it up in Mexico on his hols. I have to admit, I am not sure I am the best person for the job as I don't really enjoy 'things'- more of a stay in bed all weekend with some carbs kinda of girl, but I'll give it my best shot.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 11 May 2018

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I also feel doubly stitched up this week as I have already written a gargantuan list of everything that is going on this Bank Holiday weekend and I didn’t want to double up. But, please don’t worry, I’ve worked my little fingers to the bone and scoured the internet, far and wide and it turns out there is still plenty to get up to this week…

You Dig? @ Deaf Institute
Friday 30th March

For me, a weekend doesn’t fell like it has truly begun unless I have screamed the lyrics to my favourite soul classics at the top of my lungs while embarrassing myself on the dance floor. You Dig makes the perfect place for me to do so too with four whole hours of straight up funk. Housed in the legendary Deaf Institute, which granted I haven’t been to since I was at Uni, but since Easter is all about re-birth and shit, I’m up for heading back to my old stomping ground for a little bit of a good-old fashioned get-down.

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Catch A Groove Record Fair @ Whiskey Jar
Saturday 31st  March

Running from midday until 5pm, Whiskey Jar will play host to a range of top notch sellers flogging a plethora of records covering every genre such as Jazz,Funk,Soul,Hip Hop,Disco,Rock,Breaks (whatever that means) and reggae just to name a few. The event is free to attend, and if you are interested in selling some records for yourself you should contact Whiskey Jar at

The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF


Horse Meat Disco Easter Egg
Saturday 31st  April

If you are into your Disco vibes, then you will die unhappy and unfulfilled if you do not see a Horse Meat Disco set at least once. I’ve seen the group a couple times, the best being down in London’s XOYO a few years back- but I am mega excited to see them play here in Manchester at Gorilla. I assure you, there are few acts that will keep you on that ecstatic plane of dancing-induced happiness quite like like these guys can- expect one of the best nights of you life.

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Pottervision @ The Kings Arms, Salford
Sunday 1st Apirl

I am definitely going to get lynched for putting this in, but I know how much you people love Harry Potter – and to be completely candid it does sound like a bit of fun. From what I understand it is a sketch based comedy show that rips Harry Potter to pieces lampoon-style and is set to make you howl with laughter. It basically consists of  four full grown men pretending to be twelve year old children as they re-enact and recreate scenes from the first Potter film. It has fantastic reviews too, and was a favourite at the Edinburgh Fringe and sold out two years running.  

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Community @ Albert Hall ft. Motor City Drum Ensemble
Sunday 1st April

Ok, so I am a huge MCDE fan and despite him being German, kinda funny looking and approximately a 1/3 of my height he is still the man of my dreams. I met him once at a show at Gorilla and I preceded to spill my drink all over myself in my excitement and my top went see-through. But was I embarrassed? Hell no. If that ins’t classed as endearing I don’t know what is. Anyway, he’s headlining a show called Community at Albert Hall on Sunday and it is set to be a great night. Other acts include Kamaal Williams/Henry Wu, Irfan Rainy, Rahaan & Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchesta (live).

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Vintage Fayre @ Seven Brothers Beerhouse
Monday 2nd April

I am cheating slightly as this one was in fact included in the aforementioned Easter Weekend Round-up. But I didn’t want to leave Monday out of this one, so you could go to this over at Seven Brothers in Anncoats or you could sleep until 3 pm, sit in a beer garden (weather permitting), or watch netflix all day. You aren’t in work after all so you can do whatever the hell you want- the world is your oyster.

The Ice Plant, 39 Blossom Street, Manchester M4 5AF


Live Stream of Macbeth from ROH @ HOME
Wednesday 4th April

Here’s me peppering a bit of proper culture into the Things to do this week with a live stream of Verdi’s epic opera Macbeth at HOME. Luckily this is quite a good one to go with because the story of Mabeth is nice and simple- ambitious power couple kill king to get the crown after listening to the advice of some witches (always a good idea)- and it all goes to shit. These live streams are a fantastic way to watch opera and ballet with a better-than-front-seat view and a fraction of the cost. No brainier really.

Home, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN


Chivas Blending Sessions @ The Loft
Sessions run Wednesday-Sunday

You can read about the whole experience in a bit more details here, but the main idea of these sessions is to create your own blend of Speyside whiskey Chiavas Regal. The sessions last an hour as you will be guided through the flavours and notes of the different types of whiskey used to make a blend by their team of experts. Tickets cost £15 which includes a signature Chivas cocktail and a 200ml bottle of your unique blended whiskey to take home with you. It really makes a fun activity for friends, family and colleagues alike – and do not let it fool you, the chance that you will get absolutely rat-arsed is quite high.

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Birdsong @ The Lowry
3rd-7th April 

I don’t know much about Birdsong other than the following; it was a period drama on BB2 a few years a go, It had Eddie Redmayne in it, it is set in war times and it is very very sad. This stage show which is based on a novel of the name name by a chap called Sebastian Faulks, is critically acclaimed and set to be a real tear-jerker. It has been brought back in celebration of the First World War’s 100th anniversary and tells the story of a passionate forbidden love which is further torn apart by war. Do not go and see this if you aren’t prepared to cry in front of your girlfriend- you will be powerless.

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