Things to do in Manchester this week: 20th October – 26th October 2017

It's late, I've spent all day reading and writing about Christmas (which I hate) and there's loads of things happening this week, so let’s crack on and get it over and done with...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 20 October 2017

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Robots & Tape at Museum of Science & Industry
From Friday 20th October
I was fortunate enough this week to get a sneak peek at both Robots and Tape, two new exhibitions at the Museum of Science and Industry, before they opened on Thursday. I must say that I was rather impressed with them both. Robots is exactly what you’d expect it to be – all about our mechanical friends. Or if the Terminator has taught us anything – soon to be enemies. There’s some seriously impressive (and weird) creations for you to get to grips with. Tape couldn’t be any more different – it’s an art installation made up entirely of sellotape which you can get in and crawl around in and it’s loads of fun.

Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4FP
0161 832 2244


Cosgrove Hall Films Exhibition @ Waterside Arts Centre
From Saturday 21st October
Cosgrove Hall Films are responsible for animating some of the most enduring and well-remembered cartoons and kid’s shows ever, including Noddy, Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and even the film versions of Wind in the Willows and The BFG. With their headquarters in Chorlton, they managed to get their programmes shown pretty much all over the world – which is much more impressive when you think about the fact that there was no internet or YouTube back then. Ahh them were the days. The Waterside in Sale is now the official home of the Cosgrove Hall Films Exhibition so you can go down and see how they did what they did, and perhaps even give it a try yourself if you’re so inclined.

Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside, Sale M33 7ZF
0161 912 5616


Oktoberfest Comes to Manchester
Saturday 21st October, 5pm
There’s another Oktoberfest event in Manchester and once again it’s made it onto this list. Mostly so that I’ve got an excuse to put up a picture of a gang of girls in them German dresses drinking massive pints of fizzy lager. This one is over at Bowlers, which is pretty big, so you should expect quite a ruckus and plenty of spilt ales. My mate Harry Lord is going too, so if you see a big ginger lad looking the worse for wear – go and have a chat with him – he’s good craic.

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Bowlers, Longbridge Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1SN
0161 876 0007


Design City Weekender
Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st October
If you’ve got a creative side and want to give it a run out this weekend then you’re in luck – the Design City Weekender is on at Upper Campfield Market Hall (that old building at the top of Liverpool Road). There’s a ton of stuff going on, including a Print Fair, pop-up shops, live music and enough workshops to make Neil Buchanan re-think his foray into heavy rock. There’s Letter pressing, Frog Making, Embroidery, Portraits, Doodling, Screen Printing, Stop Frame Animation, Fashion and probably loads more that I’ve missed off. If you can’t find a workshop here that you like, then you should probably just stop looking and go home.


Camden Shout @ Crazy Pedro’s
Tuesday 24th October, 6pm – 8pm
This Tuesday there are a bunch of presumably bearded fellas with branded t-shirts heading over to Crazy Pedro’s in the Northern Quarter and they will be from that there London. It’s the Camden Town Brewery, who, in between shopping for latex, dildos and knock off Supreme gear down the market, brew some proper decent lager and ales. They’ll be running a Camden Shouts concept – basically they’re turning up in a van with free beer until it runs out.

Crazy Pedro’s NQ, Short St, Manchester M1 1JG
0161 359 3000


Candoco Dance Company Double Bill at The Lowry
Tuesday 24th October, 8pm
Candoco are a leading dance company of disabled and non-disabled performers who will be hosting a double bill of ‘Face In’ and ‘Beheld’ this Tuesday at the Lowry. Face In is the brand new work from multi-award winning and internationally recognised choreographer Yasmeen Godder and is “a sensual and disturbing ode to intimacy and imagination, expressed through images interwoven with daring and uninhibited dance” Beheld by Alexander Whitley features powerful duets and breath-taking ensemble dancing with huge swathes of fabric and is set to a mesmerising score. Nice.

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Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein @ The Dancehouse
Tuesday 24th October
Another week and another set of films to watch. These ones are part of the Design Manchester Festival though and it’s a double bill of Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein. Quite what they have to do with design is beyond me – but they are both excellent – especially ‘Bride of’. Oh wait, I see it now – the screening is in collaboration with the Manchester Gothic Festival – which is a thing now apparently. I honestly reckon there will be a festival for everything in 10 years – even a Honey Nut Cheerios’ Festival if I have my way.

Dancehouse, 10A Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 5QA
0161 237 9753


Speed Mate-ing with Girl Gang
Wednesday 25th October, 7pm
This is a nice idea, and something that we had up on the site at the beginning of the week. I thought I’d mention it here too because I like to do nice things from time to time. It may be pointless though because I find it highly unlikely that anybody ever reads these things – let alone any girls. Especially considering the amount of sexism and blatant attempts at getting famous women to notice me that goes on within these lines. I’m not really the best person to explain what this is so here’s a link to our article which includes a nifty video.


Better in the 90’s @ Antwerp Mansion
Thursday 26th October, 11pm
Everything was better in the 90’s wasn’t it?! Chocolate bars were massive and cost you 30p. Bags of crisps had more flavour on them and cost you 25p. Freddos were 5p. You could buy sweets from a jar and it would only come to about 45p. Errr…I’m just trying to think of what else they sold in the corner shop near my mums. Err.. oh yeah – you could borrow VHS videos, mostly Jean Claude Van Damme films for about £2. You did have to rewind them though – which wasn’t better than it is now. The music was better too – which is probably why Antwerp Mansion are doing this night.

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Angelos & Barry – The New Power Generation
Thursday 26th October
This is a proper weird one this. Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford invite you to join their New Power Generation – a sort of self-help, new way of thinking movement which hopes to absolve you of all your worries and disillusionment. In reality it’s a couple of blokes telling some gags while probably taking the piss out of anyone they can find in the audience who won’t try and batter them once it’s all finished. It should be proper funny though – if you’re into that sort of thing.

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