Things to do in Manchester this week: 22nd – 28th September 2017

I've been in a series of terrible moods at work this week - which can't have been pleasant for my work colleagues - but seeing as they are usually the reason for the bad mood in the first place - I'm not actually that bothered about that.

By Ben Brown | 22 September 2017

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I’m sure next week will be better though, I’m on holiday – and there’s loads of things going on so this has been quite easy to write…

Blah Records Manchester Showcase @ The Whiskey Jar
Friday 22nd September, 8pm
This bad boy is in here courtesy of our resident office hip-hop fan Steven Pankhurst, who claims to know exactly what he is talking about and to have the best knowledge of hip-hop and rapping related endeavours in the North-West. He loves a bit of rapping, especially when it’s paired with a beat and enough expletives to make a sailor blush. Well, he’s tremendously excited about this event at The Whiskey Jar on Friday – a Blah Records Showcase featuring many of his favourite Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop and UK Garage acts including Lee Scott, Morriarchi and his absolute favourite, Black Josh.

The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF
0161 237 5686


Missguided Sample Sale
Saturday 23rd September, 11am – 5pm
I have had my arm twisted by my girlfriend to include this Sample Sale from retailer Missguided on here because she is going to it and is apparently really excited. Starting at 11am on Saturday, it’s your chance to grab a bargain – with all items being priced at £5, unless it’s a coat which means it’s a tenner. I’m not sure what you should expect – the clothes may be the stuff that they couldn’t sell because it’s vile, or it could be unique offerings that were not meant to be sold for a long period of time. Or a mixture of both. There’ll be live music and free prizes throughout the day though – so if the rummaging gets too much, you can have a bit of a chill. Like most kebab shops and bus drivers – it’s cash only.

Factory Manchester, 112 -118 Princess Street, M1 7EN


Rolla Disco @ Albert Hall
Saturday 23rd September, 8pm
I was roped into doing a video for this last week and managed to look an even bigger tit than usual. My efforts to seemingly glide down the streets of Manchester on roller skates was compounded by the fact that I have the co-ordination of a pissed up ostrich and the balance of a pirate on a roundabout, all topped off with some very shoddily tarmacked surfaces. It was all for a good cause though – it’s a Rolla Disco at Albert Hall – put on by those legends over at La Discotheque. It’s always a cracking night when them lot are in town, and with the added danger of falling over and breaking your coccyx – it’ll be a blast.

Albert Hall, 27 Peter St, City Centre, Manchester M2 5QR
0844 858 8521


MCR Talks
Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th September, 7pm
I’ve seen these MCR Talks dotted around my Facebook feed for a few weeks now and they have finally managed to grab my attention enough to further investigate. Held at Texture, they are obviously a series of talks on a range of subjects – hopefully helping people engage, understand and discuss some rather important and concerning issues. There’s two this week – the first one is called ‘The Science of Psychedelics’ and features Dr David Luke, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich while the other asks ‘Is The War on Drugs Working?’ If I wasn’t on my holidays I would probably attend both of these – which is why I’ve brought them to your attention now. I’m going to try and get to one when I get back and see what they are like. If anyone goes to one this week though and wants to tell me about it – send me an email.

Texture, 67 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FL



Son of A Preacher Man @ Palace Theatre
Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th September 
Using the tunes of Dusty Springfield, this new musical is “sparklingly funny” and it is both directed and choreographed by Craig Revel Horwood who is some geezer who is on Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve never bothered to watch that telly show for a few reasons which I will outline now because there’s not much else to write about the musical. Firstly it’s a show about dancing, which in my opinion should never be something you judge people on. You dance how you feel and where the music takes you – if some idiot then comes along and says you’re doing it wrong – they’re just nasty. Secondly, it’s presented by Tess Daly, who I’m not a fan of. Winkleman is great though. Can’t get enough of Winkleman.

Palace Theatre, 97 Oxford St, Manchester M1 6FT
0844 871 3019


MCR Student Social
Tuesday 26 September from 4pm
The students are back in town! Yaay! I had a bit of a stint at the Fresher’s Fair this week and found them all to be a very nice, delightful lot – keen and eager to see what Manchester holds for them. 3 years of top parties, great food and some outstanding journalism are certainly a few things to expect. Another is a massive big event all around the city centre on Tuesday, with a load of shops offering up to 30% off for one night only, as well as plenty of entertainment and giveaways. There really is too much going on to fully list here – especially when I won’t even be benefiting from it – but it’s safe to say that if you head down Market Street, into the Arndale Centre, down King Street or up Deansgate on Tuesday night you’ll see loads of stuff going on. Check out their website for more detailed information.


Chinese State Circus at Tatton Park
From Wednesday 27th September
It seems every country has their own state circus except for us. I’ve never heard of the English State Circus going over to China or Russia and putting on a show for the masses – with clowns juggling a Nando’s takeaway, a woman on a shop mobility traversing a tight rope or a man placing his head inside the mouth of a particularly vicious badger. I think we’re missing a trick there. Before someone can steal that idea and make millions though, the Chinese are heading on down to Tatton Park to show off their skills – which will most likely consist of gravity-defying jumps and spins that would make Superman nauseous and probably a bit of kung-fu. Fun for all the family I’d say.

Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6QN



Masters of the Universe at Sadler’s Yard
Thursday 28th September, 7pm
Growing up I was more of a Turtles guy than a He-man man, but I still enjoyed the odd cartoon – watching a long haired poncey prince turn into a huge muscle-clad butch geezer and fight a demented skeleton. It wasn’t until I watched Masters of the universe that I truly came to appreciate good storylines and cinema though – because this film is a masterpiece. Starring Ivan Drago, Monica Geller, Tom Paris and Mr. Strickland, it involves He-Man coming to Earth to reclaim some flute or some shit – all while a bloke dressed as a skeleton (WITH eyes) acts his bleedin’ heart out. It’s showing at Sadler’s Yard on Thursday as part of their ‘Now Showing’ feature – they’re also playing The Princess Bride and The Lost Boys on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Tickets are £5, with seating, free popcorn and a private headset provided.
Layers are recommended to be prepared against the Manchester weather, though some wet weather provisions will be available.

Sadler’s Yard, Hanover Street, NOMA, Manchester, M60 0AB


Manchester Food and Drink Festival
Starts Thursday 28th September
There’s so much going on at Manchester Food and Drink Festival that it once took me a whole day to write, organise and publish an article on the bloody thing. To be fair I was constantly getting distracted by pretty lights and shiny things, but the point still remains – there’s a lot going on. The article took such a long time that I really cannot be bothered repeating myself here – so I’ll give you a link and you can read it yourself. Some personal highlights include Hispi meeting The Unabombers, Thomasina Mier’s Day of the Dead and the Cheese & Ciderologist.


4 Course Paired Wine Dinner with Live Jazz Fusion @ Brasserie Abode
Thursday 28th September, 7pm
Shameless plug here, but it’s a proper decent event so I’ve gone and included it. Finest have got together with Brasserie Abode to put on a sophisticated evening of outstanding wine and cuisine to a backdrop of Hip Hop, DnB and Funk fused Live Jazz (provided by the amazing Quartet Indigo who have toured with some of the best artists in Manchester’s underground music scene including the likes of Levelz and DRS). The Head Chef, Jamie Smith has specifically paired 4 dishes with wines that complement each other’s flavours and notes. It’s only £39 per person which I believe is excellent – to say you get 4 courses, wine and some top live entertainment.

Brasserie Abode, 107a Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2DB
0161 200 5665