Things to do in Manchester this week: 25th – 31st August 2017

Here you go - a list of things to do this week if you're bored...

By Ben Brown | 25 August 2017

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It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend so there is absolutely loads going on in Manchester over the 4 days – including Pride – which is always a right laugh. This also means that once the weekend is finished, it can be quite hard to find stuff to do as most people decide to stay in and eat gruel for the rest of the week after checking their bank balance on Tuesday morning. I’ve still managed to find a few things for you though…

Bank Holiday Weekend
Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of the ocean, covered in barnacles, or been in another country – you will know that it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend and it’s the last one until Boxing Day. Considering come Boxing Day you will be about 2 stone heavier and wearing one of them god-awful Christmas jumpers while playing with your brand-new Tamagotchi – you best take full advantage of this weekend. There’s bloody loads of things going on which I have popped into an easy to understand round-up right here.


Game of Thrones at Black Dog Ballroom NWS
Monday 28th August, 7pm
The time has come for Game of Thrones Season 7 to come to an end, and the time truly has gone way too quick. Despite so many people slagging this season off online; most likely because they have nothing else better to do now that their Japanese sex doll has broken down, I think it’s been spectacular – and I’m very much looking forward to this final episode. Standing at about one and a half hours long, it promises to be a beauty, hopefully with plenty of deaths. Best place to go watch it is Black Dog Ballroom NWS who will also be offering Game of Thrones themed cocktails and 50% off all food!

Black Dog Ballroom NWS, 11-13 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP
0161 236 4899


Mean Girls Summer Screening @ Oast House
Tuesday 29th August, 7pm
Once again I’ve been forced to include this week’s Summer Screening in order to make up the numbers. This week is a corking movie though – which might be surprising to hear coming from a 32 year old man – it’s Mean Girls. I think it is mint. It’s basically the story of Lindsey Lohan moving from Africa to a bog-standard American High School and all of the typical problems that entails. Except the gun crime. Great movie. Good choice Oast House.

The Oast House, The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester M3 3AY
0161 829 3830


Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz @ Night & Day
Tuesday 29th August, 7.30pm
I stopped watching Curb Your Enthusiasm around Season 3 when it started to feel like every episode was based on exactly the same formula. The first half would be Larry David pottering around LA, being rude to people and getting into a scrape with a waiter – while the second half would be the pay off. Said waiter would end up being his wife’s dog walker or something – causing hilarity and embarrassment in equal measures. Each episode would follow this formula without much deviation and I just got bored. I don’t know if it got any better, but if it did and you still watch it then you should enter this quiz at Night and Day to win some prizes.

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The Night and Day Café, 26 Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JN
0161 236 1822


One Deck Wednesday with Corinne Drewery @ Electrik
Wednesday 30th August
I was watching something recently which featured ‘Breakout’ by Swing Out Sister and I became pretty obsessed with Corinne Drewery because in 1986 she was absolutely FIT. Just check out the video and tell me I’m wrong. She is still fit today as well, which is why I will probably be heading down to Electrik in Chorlton on Wednesday night when she will be getting involved in their legendary One Deck Wednesday night. She will be playing all her own records, most likely of the Northern Soul variety as opposed to the 1986 Hit Man & Her variety – as well as probably phoning the police at some point to issue a restraining order on me.

Electrik Bar, 559 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 881 3315


The Dreamboys @ Stockport Plaza
Thursday 31st August, 8pm
Whoever came up with the name ‘The Dreamboys’ is either an idiot or a genius. Firstly, it sort of sounds like a crappy boy band from 1996 that made one appearance on Top of the Pops with a single that reached number 34 before swiftly disappearing back onto the tills at Tesco. But on the other hand, it perfectly encapsulates exactly what these lads are doing – they’re doing a Full Monty type show for a room full of ravenous women over at Stockport Plaza. Expect six packs, wet-look gel and at least 3 tribal tattoos.

The Plaza, Mersey Square, Stockport SK1 1SP
0161 477 7779


Festejar Spanish Festival @ Albert Square
From Thursday 31st August – Sunday 3rd September
After the success of the Italian festival a couple of months ago, it’s now the turn of our lovely Spanish cousins – heading to Albert Square from Thursday. There promises to be ‘Spanish Cultural Activities’, Live Music, Sangria, Dance Workshops, and loads of food – hopefully they will have some Manchego cheese that I can try for free, or those little Padron peppers which are amazing with loads of salt and pepper on them. There’s a pretty long list of events on their website, so check it out and if you find yourself walking through Albert Square – you will now know what it is.