Things to do in Manchester this week: 27th October – 2nd November 2017

It’s Halloween and I have to admit - I'm absolutely sick and tired of writing about and hearing about it.

By Ben Brown | 27 October 2017

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Maybe it’s because I’m not doing anything for it this year, or perhaps it’s just that there is so much stuff going on, that I want to sit in my house for the next 7 days and escape the idea of scary looking dead things for a while. Best stay away from all mirrors too then. Jokes and a list of things to do this week – I bet you’re glad you clicked that link now aren’t ya…

Buy Art Fair & The Manchester Contemporary
Friday 27th October – Sunday 29th October
Whether you’re looking for the latest bit of art from French painter Cecile DeHummark, or that modern print from the English colour maestro Mr. Bigglewink III, you’re likely to find it at the Buy Art Fair this weekend. Apparently art is a good investment; not only does it usually always go up in value, but it looks nicer on your walls than a graph of how your shares in Russian Oil are doing. Especially when you have guests coming round. Probably not the best place to find a Chuck Norris poster for your Uni flat – it’s a bit more serious I believe.


Garden of Wonder by Perrier-Jouët @ The Refuge
From Friday 27th October
I went down to The Refuge this week to have a gander at their new Garden of Wonder and I must admit – it’s pretty impressive. There’s not much point in describing what it looks like – not only do I have the vocabulary skills of a mute 7 year old, but you can just look at the picture above and it will paint a 1000 words for you. The whole thing has been set up by Perrier-Jouët Champagne and it actually is the perfect place to enjoy a nice glass of fizz – especially with it being so rotten outside. They are also offering Champagne Tastings and Floristry classes before they leave on the 7th November. Click below to get involved if you fancy it.

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In case you didn’t know – because you’re not a 13 year old American child – it’s Halloween on Tuesday and so every man, woman and their dog is putting on some kind of ‘special’ in order to take full advantage. There’s actually quite a lot of decent things going on over the weekend and on Tuesday – which I have handily placed in this Ultimate Round-up. If you’re still looking to do something, especially considering it’s pay day weekend too, then get flicking though it. Please.


Meet the Ghostbusters and Marshmallow Man at Manchester Arndale
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th October
This one is not in my Halloween round up because I didn’t know about it until now. It got me excited so I added it to my list and you are reading it now. Probably not getting as excited as I am with the prospect of meeting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Ghostbusters at the Arndale Centre. Like when you meet Santa in a Grotto in Wigan, they aren’t the real ones, the real Ghostbusters are in New York and let other people pretend to be them because they are too busy catching spectres, spooks and ghosts and saving the world from malevolent paintings.


The National Wedding Show
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th October
If you’re looking to spend £30,000 on one day, a day where all the family members you can’t be arsed speaking to throughout the year come and eat and drink you out of house and home – this is the place for you. And they still complain if the chicken is dry or the sausage rolls are too small. With over 200 wedding enthusiasts trying to flog you bouquets, dresses, invitations, photographers and probably even regulation rice to throw outside the church – the National Wedding Show sounds like absolute hell to me, but will be heaven for anyone who loves marriage and weddings and all that.

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Battle of the Brunch
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th October
I ended up getting roped into being a judge for this weekend’s Battle of the Brunch, and although I usually like to spend my weekend drinking cider and eating Soreen in bed, I’m pretty excited to get some brunch down me. Basically there’s a list of some of Manchester’s best brunch places, all in competition with each other to be crowned the best. It’s a public vote so if you head to one of the listed venues on Saturday or Sunday, make sure you go online and let them know how you got on because you can then have the chance to win loads of cash as well. Poached eggs and bunce – not bad for a dark weekend in October.


Totally Wild x Lifestyler Foraging Workshop
Monday 30th October
If you’re the kind of person that manages to spend their entire pay packet within 2 weeks of receiving it – welcome to the club. As you are undoubtedly aware, rummaging in the bins round the back of Kwik Save, or searching for pizza boxes in the hope of scoring a few discarded slices can become rather annoying and rather demeaning. Especially if it’s in your lunch break and your work colleagues catch you as they walk to M&S for a sandwich. Well, the troubles are over. Totally Wild and Lifestyler are putting on a Foraging Workshop in Chorlton so you can grab wild food that won’t put you in a coma. It’s FREE too you cheapskate.

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The Wipers Times
From Tuesday 31st October
Adapted from the BBC Radio Play, The Wipers Times is a play centring on the WWI satirical newspaper produced for soldiers on the front lines in France. I remember doing a couple of lessons on this paper when I was in Mr Clough’s class at school and I’ve always remembered that it was called The Wipers Times because British soldiers couldn’t be arsed to pronounce Ypres properly. Considering the amount they had to put up with at the time – you can’t blame them. It’s on at the Opera House until the 4th November.

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The Art of Fermenting – Kimchi
Wednesday 1st November, 7.30pm
I mistakenly clicked on this believing it to be a way for me to make my own booze, but no – it’s all about some sort of Korean fermented vegetables, which is of absolutely no use to me in a ditch on a Friday night. It does sound interesting though, and something you can impress your mates with, and any Korean people you might know. Those guys have been fermenting vegetables since the 7th Century apparently and it is still pretty much a common side accompaniment to every Korean dish you can think of. This workshop will show you how to make it. Included in the price is drinks, the workshop, all ingredients and you get to take home 2 big jars of your own Kimchi afterwards.

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