Things to do this week in Manchester: 24th – 30th November 2017

There's a bit of something for everyone this week which is always what I aim to provide. Sometimes I completely fail and end up sticking too much wrestling or old 80's movies in here but there's none of that this week.

By Ben Brown | 24 November 2017

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So take your gran down to an Old School Hip-Hop Set and your 8 year old nephew to La Discoteque – they’ll love it.

Elf The Musical
Starts Friday 24th November
Christmas doesn’t officially start until the corporate fat cats have well and truly rung every last penny out of Halloween. Once they recognise they can no longer sell crappy plastic masks and zombie blood; they pull the baubles out and start ramming Wizzard down our throats. One person who wouldn’t mind this though would be Buddy the Elf, the main character from both the Elf movie and this musical version which starts at The Lowry this week. If you like the film you’ll be sure to love the stage production – with Ben Forster as Buddy and the lovely Liz McLarnon as Zoe Dechanel.

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Ab Fab-A-Thon
Friday 24th November
There’s still a few tickets left for Make-A-Scene’s latest endeavour – a packed evening of Absolutely Fabulous-ness, including plenty of episode screenings, sketches, Stolly, Bolly, and even a Pet Shop Boys disco at the end. It may be a good idea to just forget all about that film that they brought out recently and concentrate on when it was on the telly and actually pretty decent – pretty much like most TV show to cinema events such as Entourage, Sex in the City, Ali G & Babar: The Movie.

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DJ Yoda (Old School Hip Hop Set) @ Band on the Wall
Friday 24th November
I asked my colleague Steven Pankhurst for a quick run-down on DJ Yoda because he’s a big fan. After a couple of seconds and with a strained effort he produced the following brilliant tidbit; “Yeah he’s good”. Well he’s not wrong – DJ Yoda is one of the best hip-hop DJs out there and he’s bringing an Old School set to Band on the Wall on Friday night. There’s still a couple of tickets left knocking out – you can buy them here:

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La Discotheque
Saturday 25th November
You honestly can’t go wrong with La Discotheque – one of the best nights you can have without pulling the industrial tub of Vaseline out of the cupboard. It’s their 1st birthday on Saturday and as usual they are going all out with the best bits of Disco and appearances from Evelyn Champagne King, Horse Meat Disco, Joey Negro and loads more. If you’ve never been, you’ll have an amazing time – trust me. If you have been before, you know the bloody score.

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MCR Talks: Fly First Class for Free & Has Spice Taken Over Our Streets?
Sunday 26th & Tuesday 28th November
There are a couple of excellent MCR Talks this week, with vastly different subject matters. The first one centres on the struggle of hard working, upstanding holiday makers trying to get an upgrade to first class, whereas the second one is about Spice and how it’s all over the place now and one of the drugs of choice for many of the city’s homeless. I’ve been upgraded to first class a few times in the past so I can provide any advice there, but I’ve never tried Spice, which is probably a good thing considering what you see that it does to someone outside Nando’s on Piccadilly Gardens at 11am on a Tuesday.

Fly First Class For Free – Sunday 26th November
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Has Spice Taken Over Our Streets? – Tuesday 28th November
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Phil Collins
Wednesday 29th November
Phil Collins once made a rather odd cameo in the movie Hook, playing an English police detective investigating the disappearance of Robin Williams’ kids at the hands of Captain Hook. Or should that just be ‘hand’? I find it offensive that Captain Hook is named after his disability. No wonder he was angry all the time. You could say the same about Scar in The Lion King. Anyway, Phil Collins is coming to Manchester next Wednesday and so if you like that song ‘Easy Lover’, get on down. Unfortunately like most gigs nowadays, especially ones featuring actual old-school legends – it’s very expensive. You’re looking at about 100 sheets for a seat in there. Shown his True Colours there hasn’t he!?

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The Phantom Of The Opera with Live Organ Accompaniment
Wednesday 30th November
I’ve always been a little bit frightened of old silent movies. I think it’s the way that they are a little bit jerky, pretty blurry and everyone in them look like they’ve spent 13 years without sunlight like that boy in the basement thing that time. The worst one is by far Nosferatu, which is the absolute worst thing to watch alone in the dark after a couple of tins of Stella. Wednesday sees The Phantom of the Opera get screened at the Royal Northern College of Music, accompanied by a live organ – exactly how you would have watched it back in 1925. Brilliant.

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