Signature Dish: The Lamb Nihari at Zouk  

Zouk's signature dish is an aromatic, slow-cooked curry made with lamb shoulder and bones and a plethora of herbs and spices.

By Manchester's Finest | 12 April 2018

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Zouk’s owner, Mudassar tells us that the Nihari goes back centuries to the Mughal Empire in Southern India. The dish is formed of lamb leg cooked with marrow bones to enrich the sauce to give it a fantastic consistency. The dish takes a whopping 12-hours to cook, and trust me, you can taste the labour of love in every mouthful.

This dish combines a complex mix of herbs and spices – cinnamon, star anise, onions, ginger garlic, Garam Masala, turmeric, and a secret Zouk spice blend. This is the element of the dish which really sets them apart which is important as there are a lot of people out there who judge a restaurant on their Nihari alone. So, their secret is safe with us.

After cooking for half a day, this dish is served with chopped coriander, lemon, onions, ginger, green chillies for garnishing which really makes this meal fun and adaptable to your own palate. It is a tactile dish which warrants getting stuck into with your hands as long as you are armed with a pillowy naan.

This dish is the signature for a reason – and we cannot urge you enough to get down there and try it for yourselves.

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill, 5, The Quadrangle, Chester Street, M1 5QS
0161 233 1090