This Month's Positive News | December 2020

The positive news is back! After a whirlwind couple or months, well, lets face it, whole year we’re finally back on your screens bringing you the best positive news from all over Manchester and this time we even had a special guest!

By Manchester's Finest | 15 December 2020

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I’m Kiera, the co-founder of Feel Good Club , started by my wife Aimie and I almost two years ago. Our aim is to normalise the conversation around mental health and feelings in general and we started our Instagram account to spread some positivity and share our own journey to being happier versions of ourselves.

At the start of the first lockdown we teamed up with Manchester’s Finest from our front room to report on feel good stories during a time where most of the regular news was really negative. So many people in our incredible city were doing amazing things to support each other and those less fortunate and we managed to cover hundreds of wonderful Mancunians spreading so much positivity.

For the past year we’ve been planning the opening of our wellbeing coffee shop and bar in the Northern Quarter and so as restrictions eased we took a break from our positive news to bring some physical positivity to the community. We managed to open for a short while before having to close our doors again but now we’re back every month to bring you a bigger and better version of our news…

This month we covered some heart-warming stories from the likes of 6 year old Teddy Thomas who was inspired by Sir Tom Moore to raise money for those affected by COVID-19 and 7 year old Harley who wanted to give the dogs of Manchester and Cheshire dogs home something to look forward to this Christmas.

Every month we’ll be going out into the city to do a random act of kindness and this month after our wonderful sponsors Co-op donated £250 to our coffee shop pay it forward board, we decided to pass it onto Bread and Bowl who have recently set up a pay it forward scheme themselves to provide free roast dinners to people experiencing homelessness. Last week we checked the operation out and went to give them a hand.

We’ll also be having a monthly special guest and this month we were joined by the incredible woman behind Life Share, Manchester’s oldest charity supporting vulnerable young people and those experiencing homelessness. Judy told us how the pandemic had affected the charity and inspired us with how they have adapted to carry on supporting those in need during such a difficult time.

We’ll be back every single month to bring you Manchester’s top positive news and when we’re finally out of lockdown we’ll be hosting it live with an audience – stay tuned to find out when you can join us!