Eat as much Dim Sum as you want at Cottonopolis every Sunday

Yum Cha is a new concept where you can get 2 hours of endless Dim Sum from Cottonopolis' dedicated trolleys

By Alex Watson | Last updated 6 August 2019

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Everyone knows Sundays are the day of rest but you don’t have to stay in bed any more. The new Yum Cha Sunday is laid back dining, the perfect place to chill out and spend time with friends and family. 

Served from 4pm every Sunday at just £26pp, a little traditional style trolley serves up as much dim sum as you can eat in 2 hours. The menu will boast Cottonopolis favourites and plenty of new arrivals in the 19+ dish menu. 

I don’t know about you but reading menus stresses me out. It sounds like such a simple task but my eyes are always bigger than my belly and I can never decide what to eat in case I get FOMO from someone else’s food. Well, that is no more. As the trolley goes around you just pick off whatever you fancy rather than spending 20 minutes staring blankly at a menu.

You don’t even need to hang around at the bar – get everything brought to the table including sharer bottles of beer, speciality wines and sharing cocktails.

The new concept falls perfectly into the Cottonopolis mission to make customers use Sundays as the day to find their ‘ikiagi’ – a Japanese concept meaning ‘that which makes life worth living’. 

So make sure you pop down this week to give Yum Cha a try, eat plenty of Dim Sum and drink plenty of booze – the perfect Sunday if you ask me! 


Yum Cha Sundays
At Cottonopolis 

Available: Every Sunday
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Cost: £26

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Cottonopolis, Newton Street, Manchester M1 2AE