We got stuck in the Wild West for an Hour and lived to tell the tale!

Picture this: your face is plastered all over town in the form of a FIT (probably) mugshot of you sketched out underneath the words ‘Most Wanted’. 

By Alex Watson | 16 August 2019

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They’re all after you. I won’t ask what you did wrong, I want to believe you’re a nice person. But then you broke into the Saloon in search of poker chips, despite being wanted. These poker chips are this town’s currency and you’ve got a plan to be rich, baby. 

Well, we don’t need to picture this.

We bopped down to Breakout this week and this is exactly what happened. Funny how things work out init?

While searching in the saloon for the poker chips we found out The Sheriff had got wind of our plan and is coming to get us.

Being that the Sheriff is either walking or on horseback, it’s going to take him an hour. Just enough time for us to find 62 POKER CHIPS (woo!) and BREAKOUT (woo!) of the Saloon safe, sound and ready to tell you the tale. 

As with any Breakout Room, the theme is not only well thought out but well executed. The saloon bar top is piled high with poker boards, saddles, empty barrels and plenty of booze.

In the corner sits a piano, quietly hiding a few secrets. The drink menus are on the wall and BOY is this bar cheap.

There are some leftovers from a pretty heavy night too – a pair of cowboy boots. We’ve all been there. One too many bevs and you go home without your shoes. No judgment, partner. 

Unlike any other Breakout I’ve done (I’ve done a lot, find out more about that here and here) there are two goals to this room. Get out and get the chips. This made it about a million times more exciting.

It’s a 3-star room, so relatively easy. A perfect starting point if you’ve never done one before, or generally are a bit crap at them.

I’m pleased to tell you my 100% record remains at 100%. We completed the room and had around 20 minutes to spare. At this point, you get the option of whether to leave or use that extra time to find more chips.

Life’s all about winning so we opted for the latter and found an extra 20 chips bumping our total up to 62. Not quite putting us on the leader board but still an impressive feat when the average is 30. 

Ben Bloody Brown bet that I couldn’t lasso that hat onto that dead dear, how wrong he was. Completed it in one throw mate. Just couldn’t get it down.

This room might actually be one of the best rooms I’ve played at Breakout. Having two goals makes it a lot more exciting, a lot more confusing and just generally hella fun.

If you’re pretty well seasoned at Breakout rooms you might find actually breaking out pretty easy but finding the chips is actually VERY hard. The clues are as normal, but in this room, they don’t quite lead on from one to another as normal.

All black locks lead you out of the room and all additional locks are presumably chips (we didn’t get into them all but that’s what I’m lead to believe).

I definitely recommend doing this room if you’ve not already. Get through the room as quick as possible and then with your leftover time find as many chips as possible!


Most Wanted
at Breakout Manchester

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