Looking for an Alternative Works Do? It’s Time to Get Competitive...

Why not get locked in a room with all your colleagues and compete as two teams to get out the quickest?

By Alex Watson | 23 August 2019

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In theory, this sounds all fun and games. 

In reality, lock a bunch of adults in a room and something changes in their blood. It’s like animal instincts kick in and the fight to get out means they will take anything and anyone, even their boss down to Breakout. 

Very team-building vibes, eh!? 

Breakout have two special 4-star rooms that mean you can go head to head, in mirroring rooms to see who gets out first. The rooms are exactly the same, the only difference is one is blue and one is green. 

And I mean, ENTIRELY blue and green, floor to ceiling. It’s the kinda stuff of headaches are made of. 

Use your imagination with the other room.

It’s the ultimate test of who’s actually the best in work. You can split up work by department. I’m talking pit the guys and girls from finance against the creatives. Or IT vs Sales. Why the hell not!

Gone are the hellllla boring work do’s where you have to talk to Stinky Pete from Sales. No, No, No. It’s time to get competitive. 

All I can say is get out quick, you don’t want to start the new year as losers do you now?


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