How to make... The Perfect Espresso Martini at Home

The king of caffeinated cocktails - now available at Casa Del Everywhere.

By Alex Watson | 29 September 2021

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Bay Horse Espresso Martini

A staple in anybody’s diet is an espresso martini. And if it’s not, to be honest just don’t talk to me.

Everyone has their own little journey to drinking espresso martinis, and they all go something like this….

You turn to the dark side (coffee) around 15/16, your latte (the milkiest of them all) has 3 vanilla shots in and a drizzle of caramel sauce on the top.

You got older, the sweetness sort of dies off and you want caffeine almost injecting straight into your bloodstream.

Then comes the addition of booze – vanilla shots become vodka shots.

And voila you have a delicious never-want-this-drink-to-end cocktail that you now live off every Sunday brunch.

Luckily, we’ve become pretty good pals with the team from Alvarium and they know a serious thing or two about cocktails.

Over Under Coffee Espresso Martini

Alvarium’s Espresso Martini Ingredients

– Vodka
– Kahlua
– Sugar Syrup
– Fresh Coffee

Don’t worry. My drinks cabinet is looking pretty sorry for itself right now and I can imagine yours is too so feel free to swap the vodka for a vanilla spiced rum such as Kraken.

Shake Up Your UK Coffee Week Celebrations With A Kahlua Espresso ...

Kahlua can be mixed out for basically any coffee liqueur Tia Maria, Patron Cafe, Cascabel Coffee. Or if you’ve still got none of those mix up the flavour with some nutty liqueurs such as Frangelico, Galliano, Amaretto or even Bailey’s for a creamy dream?

Still none? Ok – just whack some more vodka and sugar syrup and call it a day.

Sugar syrup, if you’ve never worked in a bar in happy hour and ran out, is incredibly easy to make. Use a simple 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. E.g 500g of sugar diluted in 500ml of hot water to make a litre of sugar syrup.

Fresh coffee. Now here, you really wanna make sure you’ve got some good stuff. If you’ve only got instant, make it strong. Nespresso capsules work great (if you wanna kill the environment like that). Or brew up in a cafetiere to make it nice and strong.

I would say fresher the better with coffee, it will chill as you shake over ice. But Nigella Lawson swears by brewing it the night before and letting it completely cool. Have a couple of goes and see which one you prefer.



Literally that’s all you need to do. Water bottle, protein shaker, whatever you can get your paws on. Fill it with ice and shake until you get a luxurious foam and serve.