Manchester is the Dogging Capital of the UK

It turns out Mancunians like things outside...

By Alex Watson | 12 January 2021

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Research done back in October of 2020 found that Manchester is in fact the dogging capital of the UK. The north of the country is well and truly on the map for vehicle-based fun with Liverpool, Huddersfield and Sheffield also all making the top 20.

In the two months prior to the research, there were almost 30,000 searches for dogging locations in Manchester.

Experts put the switch to outdoor shenanigans down to being locked up and simply frazzled with sexual tension. Plus we had that scorching summer.

There are 131 outdoor hookup spots in Manchester alone based on searches.

While we can’t explicitly tell you to go for it based on legality issues, we can let you know the places that are most searched for their dogging capabilities. Whatever you do with that information is up to you.

In Manchester, car parks take the crown for the top sh*gging spot. More specifically, local doggers are fans of Silburn Way at Rhodes Lodges and Heaton Hall Park

But it’s not just parks, there are a few even more risqué locations on the list. Popular with the locals are Ancoats canal, Tesco Supermarket in Cheetham Hill and Central Manchester Library.

If you really are turning your nose up at this, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid dogging locations in the UK. Despite our pretty lacklustre beaches and almost zero sexy waterfalls, we come out in second place in the entire world.

We’re beaten by Spain which has a whopping 15,872 dogging and cruising locations available. Those sexy Spaniards.

Taking third and fourth place is Australia and New Zealand which makes sense when you think about the sizzling sun and bikini bodies. It doesn’t make sense when you remember the bird-eating spiders, deadly snakes and whatever else lurks in those bushes.

Happy sh*gging Manchester!

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