Mark the end of the Jäger X Reform project with a (virtual) bang @ Co-lab Theory Unlocked this Thursday!

Join them for a Q&A session with Balraj Samrai, a catch up with the artists involved and preview some unreleased BTS footage.

By Ciara Martin | 25 September 2020

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On Thursday 1st October, the Jäger X Reform project will come to an end. Going out with a bang, the guys will be locked into Reform Radio’s Mixcloud page with this exclusive virtual session from 8pm – 9pm.

Co-lab Theory was born out of Reform Radio’s partnership with Jägermeister and Arts Council England. Reform’s partnership with Jägermeister is dedicated to supporting the next generation of creatives through grant programmes, events, webinars and loads more.

Reform Radio, the award winning social enterprise, was recently joined by Annie Mac as their first ever ambassador. Started in a basement in South Manchester circa 2013 – the team at Reform have been building their reputation as one of the world’s most respected online stations all whilst changing the game as a growing social enterprise.

The Jäger X Reform partnership has paired industry names – including Mr Scruff, Swing Ting, Lovescene and Werkha – with members of the next generation of the city’s musical talent to collaborate and trade knowledge.

The outcome is seven phenomenal tracks which form the Co-lab Theory album, available to pre-order here!

So what can you expect this Thursday?

Well, there will be a live Q&A with Swing Ting’s Balraj Samrai who is passionate about inspiring the next generation of artists to achieve their potential through the Swing Ting label.

Tune in to catch the Q&A panel in the studio where the guys will also be virtually joined by Anamelia and IORA hosted by Werkha, with Mr Scruff, Superlative, Periisu, Lovescene, Rhod Parry and Debbie Collins.

They will be sharing the low down on the Co-lab Theory experience as well as what challenges and lessons arose for the artists.

If that wasn’t enough, they will also be sharing a sneak peek of some exclusive and unreleased behind the scenes clips as well as the final tunes and visuals.

Tune in this Thursday!


Co-lab Theory Unlocked
Thursday 1st October 8pm – 9pm

Tune In


Selected tracks are now available stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and buy on Bandcamp, iTunes and Juno, with the rest live from the 14th October. The incredible visual art can also be viewed on YouTube. If you’re an artist and want to get involved with Jäger X Reform, tune in to find some more information about the work they do, check out and get in touch.