BAB's massive NEW Seafood Mixed Kebab with Fried Calamari, Soft Shell Crab & Octopus

BAB have a new menu and they've added a new mixed kebab for you to try....

By Manchester's Finest | 24 August 2021

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Gourmet kebab joint BAB, just off Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, have introduced a brand-new menu featuring some impressive new kebabs, loads more of their mezze dishes and a seafood version of their massively popular MIXED KEBAB.

The new Seafood Mixed Kebab (£15) features deep-fried calamari, soft shell crab and octopus, alongside kebab shop salad, a creamy cilantro lime dressing and BAB’s special sauce. It joins the meaty Mixed Kebab (£14.50) which comes topped with Lamb Adana, Aleppo Chicken and cheesy chips.

Seafood Mixed Kebab

Also new on the menu is a vegan King Oyster & Mixed Mushroom Shawarma (£10), Octopus with a butternut squash tarragon puree (£13.50) and a Chickpea Shawarma with huge fried halloumi chunks (£10.50).

Chickpea Shawarma

Octopus Kebab

As well as the kebabs, BAB have introduced loads of new Mezze dishes to the menu, including a Spinach & Feta Stuffed Flatbread (£6.50) with a feta and mozzarella dip, Prawn Saganaki (£7), a mad Octopus Terrine (£8.50) and Moussaka Croquettes (£6.50) filled with spicy minced lamb, aubergine and feta cheese.

Octopus Terrine

There’s also a selection of new skewers such as the Spicy Lamb (£6.50) with a mint pea puree and the Tavuk Skewer (£6.50) spicy chicken with tzatziki and a smoked paprika and red pepper chutney.

Greek Fries

You can still also get BAB’s famous Flat Iron Steak Kebab, their Greek Fries and the always popular Scotch Bonnet Chicken Wings, and they’ve even added a Cookie Skillet (£6) that perfect for sharing, and a Pistachio Frangipan (£5.50) to the desserts.


The new menu at BAB is available now…

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