A Royal Garten Party at Albert's Schloss

This was news to me but apparently the ginger one from the Royal Family is getting married on Saturday and so everyone seems to be going a bit crazy about it, getting their glad rags on and having a right royal knees up.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 18 May 2018

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Never one to miss out on a party, Albert’s Schloss will be celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in true style with a selection of treats and drinks.

From 9am on Thursday, their doors will open for guests to indulge in a myriad of [treats] to mark the occasion, including Royal Wedding Breakfasts, Silver Service, Royales & Spritzes, High G & T and Quintessential Kronuts & Cruffins.

Not only that but they’ll be showing the grand ceremony on their big screen from midday on Saturday, so don’t forget to bring both your stretchy pants and a few tissues – should you get emotional.

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