The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 23rd - 29th March 2019

We've all gone above and beyond with the food and drink this week...

By Ben Brown | 29 March 2019

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‘I’ll Have What Cheese Having’
Crazy Pedro’s
As the person tasked with filming the new Crazy Pedro’s special video each month I’m lucky enough to get to taste it a couple of days before anyone else. Well, this one is definitely a winner – it’s a NY style, Katz deli kinda thing with Corned Beef, pickles, mustard, sauerkraut and croutons. I mean, anything with mustard is a winner in my eyes but this one even more do. – Joe Wilson


Split Pea Chips and Mushroom Dip
The Creameries
I found myself in The Creameries on Sunday and what an enjoyable afternoon that was! A few glasses of wine and their brilliant Split Pea Chips and I was sorted – prefect. They are quite possibly the most perfect snack to enjoy while having a few drinks and to be fair they’re actually almost TOO moorish. I think this is going to be all I eat from now on. – Steven Pankhurst


Bric Borek
It looks like a puffed up samosa but it’s SO much better than that. This Bric Borek is basically the crispiest, crunchiest pastry stuffed with cheese, spinach and nutmeg. They are mega. They’re really, really cheesy – so you can be assured that it oozes out all over the place with every bite and if you can find a better snack anywhere else in the city – I’ll eat my hat. – Rikki Chan


Beetroot Sour
The Counter House
I went to check out the cocktails at The Counter House earlier this week, knowing how good their food is I had high expectations. I went for their ‘special of the week’ which was the Beetroot Sour, combining all time classics with health led ingredients, the beetroot flavour was so strong and fresh it was delicious. So picturesque too, looking forward to trying a few more. – Ellie Edginton


Wagyu Brisket, Pickled Mushrooms & Truffle Mayo Bao
Can you ever go wrong with a dish from Cottonopolis? Definitely not, all I’ve heard is good things about the Wagyu beef bao buns so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them this week. Full of so much flavour, super tender and juicy and they were absolute perfection, I’m still actually thinking about them a week later. – Damon Stead


Earl Grey IPA
The Marble Arch
I made a scene in the pub when I saw the words ‘Early Grey IPA’ because Earl Grey tea tastes like water with soap in it. (Accidentally ate soap once, long story). The bar tender who I’d offended then brought me over a sample and I changed my mind – this doesn’t happen very often as I am stubborn and don’t like being wrong.  I can’t actually remember what it tastes like now but I immediately downed 2/3rds of a pint and really enjoyed it. The March Arch is also just a really nice pub. Visit it for the decor alone if nothing else. – India Morris


Out ‘N’ Out Rip Off Fries
Get Chucked
I seem to have eaten a lot of potatoes recently which isn’t ideal but it gives me a good basis for what makes a decent serving of chips. I’m a big mayo guy usually but the secret sauce served on these fries was winner, I obviously don’t know what was in it but I’m a fan. I always say I don’t like cheese so I’ll pretend I’m sticking to that opinion and not mention how good it was, but if you’re after some solid 11/10 caramelised onion goodness then you should definitely make your way to Urmston and order the Out ‘N’ Out Rip Off Fries. And a beer. – Jake Hardy