Deli, Food Store & Bar - Cantor's Food Store to open in Chorlton

There's nothing better than a deli in New York. I once stayed in an Airbnb in Brooklyn and the geezer who owned it also owned the deli at the end of the road, and this guy was by far the most popular man in the area.

By Steven Pankhurst | 22 February 2018

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Not only was he lovely, but his shop was a shining beacon of food, coffee, drinks, snacks and everything else you can imagine. If Ali Baba had up-sticks and bought a shop – this would have been it (except without the curled slippers).

Over here we don’t really have anywhere close to what they’ve got over there. Our options are usually limited to either eating in a restaurant or cafe, or going to a Tesco Express for a soggy egg butty and two tins of Diet Coke. So, step up Cantor’s Food Store, who are hoping to bring the idea of the neighbourhood cafe deli right onto the streets of Chorlton.

It’s the vision of chef Eddy Cantor, a bloke who wants to offer a cafe deli which is open all day, offers a dazzling array of freshly prepared food, serves up craft beers and cocktails as well as scorching hot coffee and pretty much anything else you care to imagine.

The kitchen will be looking to offer seasonal salads, vegan offerings, healthy kid’s and baby food, traiteur and patisserie, but will also provide a home for a select group of local, artisan start-up brands selling unique, up-scale variations on falafel, rotisserie, fondue, frozen yoghurt, pasta and classic New York deli sandwiches.

Cantor says: “We want to create a community hub for lovers of all things fine food and wine … or put another way, a fantasy food court without the horrid food, e-numbers and plastic.

There are no part time actors hoping to be elsewhere.  We have a lovingly put together a team of people who love what they do and genuinely want to be here. It’s so strange to be taking something so seriously and having such a good time.

Some people may recognise Cantor from his year long stint on the Big Breakfast cooking full meals in five minutes for celebrities on “Ready Eddy Cook” or his cameo appearances on Real Housewives of Cheshire.  Others will have tasted his unforgettable food during his twenty-year career as a traiteur chef in some of the most fashionable areas of London.

“It’s always been my dream to open a place like this in my home town of Manchester” says Cantor. “Now my dream is finally about to come true and I can’t wait to share it.”

Cantor’s Food Store opens mid-March

Cantor’s Food Store, 72-74, Manchester Rd, Manchester M21 9PQ