Habas has launched a HUGE Middle Eastern mixed grill platter

The restaurant on King Street has created the ultimate meat feast using locally sourced ingredients.

By Emma Davidson | 1 November 2022

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A modern take on a traditional Middle Eastern eatery, Habas has created a massive mixed grill sharing platter perfect for tucking into with your carnivore friends. 

The sharing platter can be enjoyed by four (£85) or two (£45) people and features a range of locally sourced meats cooked authentically atop coals. 

It includes Merguez sausages sweet glazed in wholegrain mustard and pomegranate molasses, harissa honey marinated chicken skewers, Barnsley lamb chops and chateaubriand fillet steak.

The Habas sharing platter is also joined by a range of side dishes, such as fresh mixed salad, spiced Lebanese fried potatoes, Persian style braised rice with crispy shallots and pitta breads, served with a huge jug of green chilli herb sauce and red wine gravy.

The inspiration for the dish came from owner Simon Shaw’s trip to Tel Aviv, a place famous for its flavourful mixed grills and meats. The dishes often use a range of spices including cumin, coriander and turmeric to bring out the deep flavours within the meat.

The platter serves as the ultimate Winter warmer and is available to book any day from 5pm and all-day Saturday. 

Habas serves as an idyllic, cosy location for Winter feasting. The restaurant is headed up by multi-award-winning chef Simon and head chef Craig Rutherford, who create fresh, bold and exciting modern interpretations of Middle Eastern dishes.

The dishes reflect Simon’s own rich culinary heritage, but are also deeply influenced by the region’s many rich and varied cultures.

You can book a table now via the link below.