A New South African Themed Bar has opened in the Northern Quarter

Chakalaka is Manchester’s first independent South African inspired tapas bar & kitchen, which has opened in the Northern Quarter and Finest has been down for an exclusive look at the venue.

By James Barker | 18 October 2018

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Chakalaka was founded out of friends having fun. Whether you’re here to dip into some of the namesake Chakalaka relish, taste the cheese filled pap balls or have a few South African inspired cocktails, you’ll get a passionate twist on a sorely ignored section of world cuisine.

Chakalaka source all of their Biltong and Boerewors with local business. All of their food is fresh and prepared on site by their passionate team every day.

Tapas style small plates is the name of the game at Chakalaka. Expect South African delights such as Bunny Chow (curry in bread), Biltong (spicy beef jerky), Jaffles (relish filled cheese toasties) and Wors Sausages just to name a few.

Director Stewart Dean said, “Chakalaka will celebrate the best of South African food and drink and offer a lively and friendly vibe to our customers.  We are very excited to be opening in Manchester, a city that we both know and love.”

Director Chris Plotts said, “ We will be actively supporting the Mayor’s, Homelessness Fund. We will be donating 5p to the fund for every pint of our own brand lager, ‘Chakalager’, as well as specific seasonal cocktails. Homelessness is a real issue for the people of Manchester, and over time, we hope to make a significant contribution to providing part of the solution for a city we love.”

To celebrate the opening, Chakalaka will be offering the 1st customer a complimentary bottle of bubbly, every 10th customer a pint or glass of wine, and the 100th customer a £50 bar tab! How about that?

Chakalaka, 105a Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LW