Nell's launch Cheese & Chilli Pizza topped with 50mg of CBD!

It's available from Friday 15th July, whilst stocks last...

By Manchester's Finest | 15 July 2022

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Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Nell’s at KAMPUS has entered into a rather interesting collaboration with local chef ‘Pablo Chocobar’ AKA Dank Bakery to bring us all a pizza special topped with 50mg of CBD.

Dank Brewery is an infusion bakery, specialising in medicinal baked and confectionary – enjoying the widespread cannabis adoption in the UK, and looking to help as many people as they can with natural alternatives to modern pain relief. Their team have all come from culinary backgrounds, so they’re bringing a level of professionalism to what is considered still to be an ‘underground’ industry.

Nell’s new collaborative pizza, the ‘Four Twenty‘ is topped with mozzarella, Lancashire cheese and green chillies. It is then topped with ricotta chimichurri that’s been infused with 50mg of CBD.

It’s only available by request at the bar of Nell’s at KAMPUS from Friday 15th July. While stocks last. One per customer. Over 18s only.

Nell’s also informs us not to “operate heavy machinery after consumption“, so if you’re a builder or a tram driver – you’ll have to pass on this one.


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