NOW DELIVERING: Maray's Middle Eastern inspired food, cocktails and wine!

The outstanding Liverpool favourite are now delivering nationwide...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 November 2020

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To save yourself the trip down to Liverpool, getting on that train, standing up with your head in someone’s armpit, I’ll just tell you now – Maray is now offering nationwide delivery of their excellent Meal Kits.

If you’ve never heard of Maray before, let me enlighten you. Tucked away on Bold Street, they serve up some truly wonderful Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine, so good in fact that it garnered the attention of Observer food critic Jay Rayner back in 2016 who proclaimed;

” In the hands of a lesser kitchen this could be a car crash, complete with tyre marks, collapsed lamp posts and distraught witnesses; a cacophony of plates, each of which is a fumble of the genuine article. But Maray does all of these things very well indeed, and at an exceptionally good price.”

So it’s not just your bog-standard Middle Eastern fare – there’s a vast array of influences that go into the dishes – ensuring that you have a rather unique experience every time you go. It truly is a fantastic place and well worth a visit if you find yourself in Liverpool.

This week they launched their new NATIONWIDE Mezze Meal Kits, which come in at £45 and come filled to the brim with a choice of ‘main’ – Lamb Kofta with Cherry Puree and Green Tahini or Aubergine Shawarma with Tahini and Date Balsamic Glaze and then this lot…

— Pepper Cashews
— Whipped Goat’s Cheese with Pickled Grapes & Breadsticks (Muhammara for vegan option)
— Hummus and Flatbreads
— Pickles
— Falafel Sharer Kit
— Tabbouleh
— Fattoush
— Lamb Kofta with Cherry Puree and Green Tahini or Aubergine Shawarma with Tahini and Date Balsamic Glaze
— Lemon & Lime Posset with Candied Pistachios (Chocolate Tart for vegan option)

With all of that you can create a wholesome, impressive feast for two – all you need to do is supply a bit of wet and you’re all set.

In that respect Maray also have you covered because their delivery service also includes a range of beers, wines and cocktails to go with your food, including their very own gin and some interesting Middle Eastern wines.

Head on over to their online store to arrange for your delivery…

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