Plat du Jour Lunch at Brasserie Abode

I’ve always worked outside of the city centre, including a lovely stint in Cheadle and a less pleasurable time in Fallowfield. Food options in Cheadle were truly brilliant – including the excellent Lebanese Jas Jas Jas on Wilmslow Road and the tiny but brilliant Indian Tiffin Rooms.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 9 July 2018

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Fallowfield was less so – it was usually a choice of a lunchtime kebab or a massive walk to Wetherspoons where I could just about manage a wrap and a Coke before running back to the office.

Now I’ve recently started working right in the city centre, sat here in a proverbial Aladdin’s Cave of eating and drinking establishments, I’ve started to feel a bit overwhelmed with the choice. I don’t really want the stress of deciding where I’m going to eat every day and so have resorted to making some soggy pasta at home, bringing it in and not looking forward to eating it all morning.

If you feel the same, or are looking for another alternative to the usual lunch-time drudgery head on over to Brasserie Abode for their Plat du Jour lunchtime menu.

Each day of the week they serve up a fantastic dish for only £10.95 – a million times better than scoffing two scotch eggs and a packet of Skips at your desk while Facebook stalking your ex. Here is what they offer each day:

Monday – Confit Chicken, Peas & Broad Beans

Tuesday – Lamb Shoulder Shepherd’s Pie

Wednesday – Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot

Thursday – Classic Braised Beef Bourguignon

Friday – Traditional Fish Pie

Saturday – Roasted Chalk Stream Farm Trout

On top of this, you can also get involved in their incredible selection of wines and champagne which manages to take up a full page of the menu. I’m positive there is enough selection here to satisfy even that Jilly Goolden off of Food and Drink, so there isn’t really much of an excuse to not have a sneaky glass at lunchtime to make the afternoon go that little bit faster.

Alternatively, you can have some of their tempting Illy coffee instead – if you don’t fancy any of the strong stuff.

Plat Du Jour at Brasserie Abode
£10.95 Monday-Saturday

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Brasserie Abode, 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB
0161 247 7744