What is HATCH?

As Shoreditch trendies will already know, the latest answer to our all our uber cool shopping and dining needs is a complex made from repurposed shipping containers under a bridge on Oxford Road.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 23 March 2018

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And we love it.

In short, HATCH is a new retail, dining, drinking and leisure space that has cropped up under the Mancunian Way bridge on Oxford Road. You know the place, the one under that bridge that used to be littered with rubbish and lined with vomit? Turns out it looks pretty swish now, and that is all thanks to HATCH and this space is single handily bringing a crappy part of Manchester up in the world.

HATCH offers a range of pop-up and semi-permanent retail fixtures designed to attract aspiring entrepreneurs and established traders looking to try something new.The current vendors include:

The Beehive– a florist who will make you up a bespoke bunch quicker than you can say anti-hestimines.

Love + Labour– a non pretentious wine shop that specialises in wines local to our shores with a nifty carafe filling station in an attempt to reduce wine-bottle wastage.

Nonsense– card and gift shop with plants and gorgeous bits and an impressive collection of arty magazines.

OL Nano Brewery– I’m not a hipster so I don’t know what that means, but what I do know is they do good beer.

Taak– A NQ favourite on the small scale with a Nordic feel and fantastic coffee.

Well Hung– all things beef, all things steak and all things carnivorous

Eat n’ Sweet – family run Jamaican take away which is authentic and affordable

Blue Caribou Canteen– the best poutine (posh chips, cheese and gravy) this side of Montreal

El Marchedor Tacos– Mexican inspired street food slinging out vegan tacos and tamales that are 100% plant based.

Paint Sayers– the newest kid on the block that sells the work of mural artist and Manchester lad Lee Hartley

All these vendors are housed in colourful ex-shipping containers which brings a refreshing environmentally aware feel to Oxford Road whilst still managing to maintain on-trend. The recycled shipping containers are an eco-friendly answer to urban development that can be moved around and taken away easily.

The containers are all housed around a communal courtyard which is the perfect space for being social. We cannot wait for some warmer weather so we can get out there and enjoy it- HATCH really has summer 2018 written all over it.

Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED