Wholesome Junkies launch Kickstarter for their Dream Vegan Restaurant

The plant-based eatery has finally found its permanent home, but needs some final support to put the finishing touches to its new site.

By Emma Davidson | 17 June 2022

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Wholesome Junkies has called the Arndale Market home since 2017, and if you’ve ever stopped off to treat yourself to a bit of lunch, you’ll know how wonderful it is. 

From 100% vegan Salt and Pepper Prawns to award-winning stacked burgers and Chikn n Waffles, the restaurant has grown to be a must-visit destination for vegans of Manchester and beyond. And, now, it has announced that it has finally found a new, permanent restaurant location after years of searching for the perfect place.

As a small independent trader the restaurant has now borrowed the maximum it can from the banks to fund the brand-new, dine-in restaurant. It now needs some additional support via Kickstarter to help buy the kitchen and bar equipment needed to operate a restaurant and delivery service, as its current list of equipment is minimal or non-existent.

Wholesome Junkies has also recently closed its two other Manchester kitchens in the Arndale and Warrington markets, and condensed everything to go all in on the new restaurant. 

It’s currently operating a takeaway and delivery service at the new site, temporarily using borrowed equipment. Currently open every day 12pm – 9pm, you can take away your meals with the added bonus of full table service and alfresco dining on the restaurant’s outside terrace, where you can sit in the sun all day, enjoying some of the city’s greatest vegan food and drinks.

By pledging to their Kickstarter campaign, you’re effectively pre-paying for your future meal with them at the restaurant when it fully opens.  Depending on how big your pledge is, there are plenty of other perks available, too.

These alternative perks come in the form of screen printed Wholesome Junkie tote bags, t-shirts and hoodies, lunch or dinner for 2 and a burger special that’s dedicated entirely to you! Each person who pledges will also get their name on Wholesome Junkies’ wall of fame. 

Follow the link below for the full Kickstarter campaign and details on how you can help out.


Wholesome Junkies’ Kickstarter