Zouk Reinvent the 130-Year-Old Indian Tiffin Curry & Grill Lunch for the Summer

Taking inspiration from the traditional tiffin lunch boxes hand-delivered at lunchtimes in India, Zouk’s tiffins have had a spruce up for the summer...

By Emma Davidson | 22 June 2022

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Long before the days of Deliveroo, India set the precedent for modern-day takeout and delivery as we know it. 

The traditional tiffin has existed from as early as the 1890s and nowadays workers from all industries look forward to their hand-delivered tiffin lunchbox. Each box comes with stackable compartments that each hold a unique, delicious dish that makes up a hearty and filling meal

In Zouk, it’s slightly different as each tiffin is served on an ornate silver platter, but the premise is left unchanged. 

Lunchtime Tiffin delivery in Mumbai

Every Monday – Friday from 12pm – 4pm, the restaurant serves its tiffins, which are made fresh mid-morning each day. You can choose from either a Curry or Grill Tiffin, with vegetarian options also available, too. 

The MEAT CURRY TIFFIN comes with Chicken Tikka, Samosa, Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb Laziz, Pilau Rice, Naan Bread and Salad, while the VEGETARIAN TIFFIN features Paneer Tikka, Tarka Dall and Bindi Handi as an alternative to the meat-based curries. 

Zouk’s TIFFIN GRILL is a brand-new addition to the lunchtime tiffin menu, as it’s served with half Tandoori Grilled Chicken or Tikka Veggies and Grilled Paneer, Spicy Potatoes, Basmati Rice, Sautéed Veggies, Raita and a homemade Curry Sauce. 

All three tiffins are the perfect portion size and make Zouk a great place to stop off for a spot of food in the sunshine as the restaurant benefits from a glorious outdoor terrace that becomes a sun trap at lunchtime.

Zouk’s drinks menu also consists of an array of beverages to accompany the tiffins delightfully, including a Mango Lassi, traditional Masala Chai, Mojitos, Martinis and a wonderful selection of beers and wines.

The restaurant’s tiffins cost £12.95 each and, on the curry side, the tiffin menu changes daily with a mix of dishes old and new to explore. Book a table now via the link below.


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