This Month’s Positive News | March 2021

It feels like yesterday that we took our seats on our little blue sofa in our front room to start our live positive news shows with Manchester's Finest.

By Manchester's Finest | 31 March 2021

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Over the course of this year we’ve felt extremely grateful that we’ve been able to report first hand on some of the incredible things the people of Manchester have been up to, spreading positivity and love during some very hard times.

We’ve now left our blue sofa behind and have been presenting from our very own coffee shop and bar in the Northern Quarter which we opened in October 2020, 2 weeks before the second lockdown and have been set up as take out ever since – We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the community and like every other hospitality venue in the city we can’t wait to get our doors open for outside seating on the 12th!

In this month’s positive news we recap on some of the incredible stories we’ve covered this year as well as some of the best stories spanning March – including the beautiful and incredibly important campaign and show of support from Knot Our City, Lifeshare’s latest campaign ‘Spring Up North‘ working with some hugely talented artists across the city and an electric car brand company who managed to gather locals to raise 4.4 tonnes of food for those in need across Manchester and Merseyside…

We also met up with the incredibly talented Ben Ben Van De Wouw aka FANTASYWORLD, a Mancunian artist using his talent to raise money for ‘Don’t Walk Past’ a self-funded outreach group that provide support to the homeless people of Manchester.

We finish off this week’s news with a reminder from EATMCR, in the excitement of everything reopening, please remember that if you have booked a table somewhere, please show up or let them know in good time if you can’t make it. This will let our much loved local independents get off to a good start as we hopefully start the path to normality.

And finally, enjoy, stay safe, enjoy that first drink with friends and family.